Factorysense Crane Simulation


  • Definition of material flow as a consequence of crane capacity
  • Scenario simulation to determine the number of required cranes
  • Calculation of crane trajectories in 3 dimensions (x-, y- and z-axis)
  • Feasibility check for production schedules


  • Automatic Crane Scheduling
  • Assignment of transport orders to crane bridges
  • Optimization based on mixed integer and linear programming solvers

Advanced Visualization

  • Gantt chart to visualize transports of specific crane bridges over time
  • Interactive rendering of crane, bridge, and trolley position in a scaled layout
  • Sankey-diagram for evaluation of material flow
  • Charts to provide information about the crane position and order backlog over time
  • Interactive histograms to visualize statistical distributions of key performance indicators
  • Analysis grid for key performance indicators


  • Import of Transport orders from csv files i.e. created with spreadsheet applications (Microsoft Excel, …)
  • File interface to import data directly from Factorysense Steel Control
  • Export of Factorysense 4D transport segments, for purposes of 3D visualization